Hotter than ever - Britney is back!!


Look at that body! Britney Spears absolutely killed it with her performance at the Billboard Music Awards! The singer is looking better than ever these days. Find out how the princess of pop got fit again.


The 34-year-old left the world breathless, when she ripped off her jacket to reveal her toned body in a super-sexy red bikini. In fact, her performance there was deemed to be the "best of the night“.


"The happy, smiley, fun-loving Britney of yesteryear is back," one of Spears' dancers said to the daily mirror. "It's been a long time coming, but it's like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders and she's learning how to be happy again. She is like a different person.“


The mum of two was known for her love of junk food and snacks, but now she is following a strict low-carb, high-protein diet, and an intense exercise regime. She tries to eat a clean, low-carb diet and snacks a lot of raw food like fresh veggies and fruit. After her workouts she enjoys egg whites, chicken and tuna.


Britney is close to getting her pre-baby body back, by banning fatty, junk foods like Cheetos, burger, pizza, chips and even bread, plus cutting down on permanently snacking. Instead of sugary energy drinks and cola she only drinks water instead.


BUT: She doesn’t starve herself. She’s more about working out. She’s muscular and she’s strong, therefore she needs enough energy.


The singer has worked a lot with her personal trainer Tony Martinez (he also works with Janet Jackson), whose motto is “Work out smarter, not longer.” He also helped her to get in shape for her Vegas show. In addition to all the dancing she does, Britney’s intense fitness class involves burning 650 calories in an hour. The exercise consists of an intense treadmill and weight-lift workout.


With all the work she's putting in to get back on top, Britney now is healthy and strong - physically and mentally.


After the show she posted a pic of herself, writing: "After tonight... All I really want is a cheeseburger #BBMAs.“


source: instagram/britneyspears


You deserve it. Keep it up Britney!


source: Helga Esteb /



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