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Matcha Banana Oatmeal




20g WOMEN’S BEST SLIM BODY SHAKE" Powder - Vanilla
50g Oats
1/2 Banana
1 Tsp Matcha Powder
Bourbon Vanilla
100ml Soy Milk
250ml Water (preferable hot)



1.    Combine Oats, Slim Body Shake, Matcha and Vanilla.

2.    Out in a Pot and cover with warm Water.

3.    Cook on a low Level until it thickens.

4.    Then mash Banana and add with Milk.

5.    Cook again while stirring immediately until it gets the right Consistence.

6.    Top with your favorite Fruit and Nuts.


Enjoy your meal!


Nutritional Informaion: 336 Calories, 43g Carbs, 21g Protein, 7g Fat



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