Paleo Salmon Salad




4-oz ounce grilled or baked salmon
3-4 cup seasonal greens
½ cup slices zucchini and squash
½ cup raspberries
1 tbsp balsamic glaze
2 tbsp avocado or olive oil
dash of sea salt
dash of pepper
2 thyme sprigs
parmesan crumbles (optional, not paleo though)
lemon juice



First, slice your zucchini and squash. Sautee in skillet with ½ tbsp oil and a little bit of pepper/salt. Also make sure your salmon is already cooked.


Once the zucchini and salmon are cooked, go ahead and build your bowl. Greens first, then veggies, and salmon. Drizzle in your balsamic glaze, thyme sprigs leaves, and the rest of your oil. Toss all together and place in bowl.


Add your raspberries last with a touch of lemon juice on top.


Sprinkle with parmesan if desired.


Enjoy your meal!



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