Beetroot Tartar



Servings: 1


30g beetroot
1g shallots, chopped
1/2g thyme, chopped
4g dijon mustard
3ml lime juice
30g cucumber, sliced
10ml, papaya lime dressing
10ml wasabi dressing
50ml olive oil



Cook the beetroot on a bed of sea salt for about 45 min at 180°C, and then peel and slice into fine cubes.
Add one spoon each of both dressings to your tartar.


For the dressings, place all the ingedients into a beverage blender, except the olive oil, blend on the lowest level and slowly emulsify the oil into the dressing.


Then slice the cucumber as thin as possible and place the slices in a circle on your plate, then put the tartar in the centre and garnish the top with the watercress.


Drizzle the dressing around.


Enjoy your meal!



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