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Brazilian-Scottish Amanda Finnie is a new mother, fitness influencer and fitness model. Learn more about her journey from being bullied in school to now thriving and setting a beautiful example for her lil’ bub and her community. 👩‍👧 Read our interview and find out more about the Women’s Best athlete!

Name: Amanda Finnie

Location: United Kingdom

Height: 150 cm

Birthday: 6th January 1996

Instagram: @amandafinnee

Can you share more about yourself and what you are doing? 

My name is Amanda, and I’m half Brazillian, half Scottish. I am a mother to my daughter Rosabella. I’m also a social media influencer and fitness model. 

When did your journey start? Was there a certain event or situation after which you found your passion for fitness and decided this was your path? 

My journey started when I was 17. I was bullied at my school and college. I started going to the gym as that was the one place that no one went to at the time. I started for 2 weeks then stopped as I found it so difficult. I went back a few weeks later after the doctor told me I was anemic due to a poor diet. I would comfort eat to deal with the emotions I had at school. I ended up falling in love with the gym. It made me feel so much stronger in my mind and body.

What is your greatest achievement? 

This has to be my daughter. Having a baby has been one of the toughest challenges I’ve had to deal with. Having to keep myself mentally and physically strong during and after pregnancy. It’s been a wonderful journey.

Your fitness evolution has changed a lot over the years. We’ve seen you bulk, cut and everything in between. Now you are a mum, can you tell us your postpartum goals and how you’ve achieved bouncing back, so to speak?

I became a mum during the coronavirus pandemic – it changed everyone’s lives. The gyms were closed and we were only allowed to go outside once a day for fresh air. This meant I had to completely change my routine. Adapting to home workouts and mum life was something new to me. I did lots of hill walks with the pushchair, which I found was the key to getting my fitness back. I would walk to the shops and load the pushchair with my shopping and use the weight to push up the hills on my way home. It was a lot harder than it sounds!

Let’s talk workouts. What does your weekly routine look like and how has this changed since becoming a mother? 

Before becoming a mother, I would train 4-5 times a week doing 2 hr sessions, then 1hr walks/run/cycle outdoors. Now I train less – I will train 2/3 times a week. One of those sessions will be at home and the others at the gym. 

What kind of advice can you offer to new mothers who are maybe struggling with finding motivation or time for working out?

I would say pushchair workouts are your best friend. You can involve your baby and also get daily tasks done at the same time. Invest in some home workout weights if you can’t get to the gym. You can still get an amazing workout done at home. 

Do you currently follow a specific diet? What about your favorite treats?

My diet is mostly plant-based. I also love juicing. When I eat out at restaurants I will allow myself to eat whatever I like. My favorite healthy snack is a bowl of summer fruits. My favorite naughty snack has got to be cake! 

As for your social media content moving forward, what are you aiming to achieve with your community?

I want to help others to feel better about themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Especially for other mothers, as having a child can make you forget about yourself. 

Fun question: what is your favorite self-care ritual or ‘me’ time?

I love having a really heavy gym session, then coming home, having a long shower, comfy clothes and relaxing with a favorite movie on. 

What are your favorite Women’s Best nutrition and supplement products? When do you use them and why?

I love the Collagen Peptides drink. I love that it has hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in it – it’s amazing for the skin. I love mixing it with coconut milk and a banana, and it’s something I have every morning. I also take the ZMA, as sleep is something I love and I notice the differences when I take this before bed. 

What is your favorite Women’s Best collection and in what color?

There are so many it’s hard to choose! I love the Chalk Grey & Mud Green Renew Collection. They go so nice with a white coat. I also love all the pink colors they have – I wear those in the summer. 

Lastly, you decided to collab with Women’s Best. Why did you choose to be part of the community?

They are by far the best company I have worked with. I love what they stand for and the community they have created. Whenever I have gone to work with them for photoshoots, I always leave feeling well looked after and inspired.

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