How to make (healthy) Sugar Skulls

A great idea to add a little sweetness to your coffee & almost too pretty to eat.


Do you drink coffee or tea regularly? Then you will love your homemade sugar skull cubes. They are an amazing (and healthy) alternative to ordinary sugar cubes and very easily made at home. Sugar skulls are a traditional part of Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. The skulls represent the souls of loved ones who have died, and they are typically decorated with colorful icing, ribbons and other decorations to celebrate the life of the departed.
If made properly they can last several months.


What you need:

• skull molds with a front and back section (you can find it on amazon)
• 4 cups of coconut sugar (healthy alternative) or white sugar (for decoration)
• 4 tsp. of merengue powder (a traditional baking ingredient used to hold together sugary frosting)
• 10 tsp. of water


How to do it:

1. Mix (coconut) sugar, merengue powder and water together in a large bowl.
2. If you want to make colored sugar skulls, mix food color with the water before pouring it into the bowl.
3. Mix together your skull recipe with your hands. Make sure you continuously incorporate the water at the bottom of the bowl with the sugar at the top, since the water will settle to the bottom.
4. Add 2 tsp. of water if the sugar isn’t sticking together.
5. If you press the sugar together with your hands and your fingerprints imprint and stay, it is ready to mold. If the sugar falls apart or fails to imprint, there isn’t enough water in your mixture.
6. Pack the mixture into the front and back molds with your hands. Pack it very tightly.
7. Smooth the back of the mold with a straight edge.
8. Scoop out the center of the skull with a spoon. Leave 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) of sugar on all sides. Do not scoop out the neck portion, or it will be too fragile. You must remove this section to ensure the skull will dry quickly and evenly.
9. Set the molds with sugar side up to dry overnight. They should take approximately 8 hours to dry.
10. Flip out the skulls onto a plate and enjoy your coffee with these little cuties.

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