Orgasm while Exercising?


Need a reason to hit the gym? Here's a good one! We tell you how to have your own “coregasm“.


A lot of women all over the world reported that they experienced an orgasm while performing certain ab exercises, though they are not having sexy thoughts at this time. But what’s the reason for this?


A “coregasm“ is an "exercise-induced orgasm”, most directly related to contractions of the lower abdominal muscles. The feeling of a coregasm is definitely different from a stimulation of the clitoris, nevertheless it is equally great!


Experts say that having a strong pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are the basis to experience a coregasm during a workout. In addition, studies of the University of Indiana also found that these exercises are most likely to give women a coregasm: biking, spinning, lifting weights, climbing poles or ropes and - of course - ab exercises!



The best exercise to experience a coregasm:


"Captain's Chair" Leg Raise

This is the most effective way to work your abs and enjoy a coregasm at the same time. This exercise is performed on a piece of equipment called a Captain's or Roman chair.


1.   Stand on the chair and place your arms on the arm rest.

2.   Press your back against the pad and contract the abs to raise the legs and lift knees towards your chest.


Upward Phase:

–   Don’t arch the back or swing the legs up.
–   Bring your legs close to your abdominals.
–   Do not swing your legs or arch your back.
–   Breathe out as you rise.
–   Keep your abdominals contracted throughout movement.


Downward Phase:

–   Slowly lower your legs back in a downward motion.
–   Do not allow your legs to “crash” back down.
–   Descend until your legs are completely retracted and repeat reps.


Any further questions?


Well ladies, have fun at the gym!



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