This Summer’s Most Wanted Hair Trend: Baby-lights!

Everyone is crazy about the latest “Balayage technique“ - and there's a reason why!


credit: instagram/@jillians_hair

What are babylights?

Babylights are tiny highlights that mimic our childhood (or baby) hair color which looks like it’s been lightened up through regular sun expo-sure. Babies have natural and soft highlights which many of us want to have later on as well.


The highlights should be applied with a smooth and gradual color blend-ing until it is two shades lighter towards your ends. Rather than the Om-bré’s classic transition from a darker to a lighter shade, the over-all appearance is more natural, as if you’ve been spending a little extra time in the sun.


credit: instagram/@courtney_hairdesign

Who can wear it?

Since it's a very natural, sun-kissed look, babylights are perfect for any hair color and any skin tone. You can gently combine babylights with the style you already have. It is the perfect technique for those seeking a little more dimension and less maintenance when it comes to your hair color.


credit: instagram/@natalie.belmont 

How does it work?

In order to create this look, the highlights should be super delicate and centered around the hairline and the crown and a few shades lighter at the ends. Professional hand-painted color, known as balayage, allows for more precise placement of the highlights Be sure to ask your hair-stylist how he or she is going to create the look and what kind of shade they plan on using. Ask them to keep the color only one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color to keep it from looking too unnatural. Need some ideas? Here are our favorite colors, shades and hues to in-spire your next visit to the salon!


credit: instagram/@corynneylon_hair

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