Aloe Vera Ice Cubes - The best sunburn relief EVER!

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When you’re left with a painful sunburn, reverse the damage with this awesome skin-healing tip!


A sunburn can happen to anybody… Unfortunately burns are not only painful, they can also damage your skin, which ca cause wrinkles.
For immediate relief, turn to the power of aloe vera. Aloe vera is a perfect choice for anyone looking to treat minor burns naturally. The gel or juice in the plant has soothing and antibacterial qualities. Even hospitals are starting to use aloe vera for burn victims. It also contains chemicals that help increase the circulation in your blood vessels, which speeds up the healing process.


Ok, so aloe vera gel on its own is a great natural solution for minor burns, but we’ve got an even better idea: aloe vera ice cubes! With the help of these little guys in your freezer, you’ll have a fast way to relieve little burns in no time. Not only do these cubes help speed up healing and soothe away the sting, they also draw heat away from burned skin. This relieves the pain and helps start healing.  


How to do it:

Get yourself an aloe vera plant or buy a 100% natural aloe vera gel at a drugstore or your local health food store. Try to find a natural product and avoid lotions or gels with any added ingredients, otherwise they may interfere with the freezing process. Read product labels!


Pour a good amount into each section of an ice cube tray, and toss it in the freezer. The next time you get burned, you'll have a soothing home remedy to apply to your burned skin.



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