DIY Setting Spray to avoid makeup meltdown


Hydrate your skin, fix your makeup, get rid of a cakey look or add some glow to your face with this easy homemade spray!


As much as we love summer, there's one major downside to it: melting makeup. Therefore, setting sprays are amazing if you want your makeup to last in hot and sweaty weather. Unfortunately, those sprays can be really expensive. Here’s how to make your own setting spray at home for much less money!
All you need are just two ingredients: water and vegetable glycerin! Glycerin is a natural lubricant and attracts moisture to the skin. It is used to treat many skin conditions, like acne, skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines. You can buy it at every pharmacy.


What You Need:

-   A clean, empty spray bottle

-   3 parts distilled water (you can also use purified, bottled or filtered water)

-   1-part vegetable glycerin (if you have oily skin try 1/5-part glycerin to 4/5-part water instead)

-   A few drops of essential oil (optional)

-   If you have to fight with redness you can add 1-part rose water


How to Do It:

1.   Pour the vegetable glycerin in to the spray bottle.


2.   Fill it with distilled water.


3.   Shake the bottle gently to blend the water and the glycerin. You’ll notice that it stays clear once the glycerin is completely absorbed.


4.   After applying all of your makeup, close your eyes and spray the product lightly on your face. Don’t hold the spray bottle too close, so you don’t get your face wet. Just a slight mist will do just fine. Now your make up is set for hours and your skin stays hydrated throughout the day and warm summer nights!


credit: instagram/dianamaria_mua



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