Can you believe this woman is 61 years old?


Find out her anti-aging secret!


Tired of all these plastic dolls and wannabe Kardashians on YouTube? Then let me introduce you to my new favorite beauty blogger: Melissa55! The 61-year old has become an internet sensation because she looks decades younger without having had any plastic surgery! As Melissa55 she shares her beauty and skin care secrets with thousands of followers on YouTube.
The mother of two and grandmother of seven lives with her whole family in a small town in Tennessee and apparently has never ever used Botox, fillers or had a facelift. The only “work“ she’s had done to her face, is getting her eyebrows waxed.


While she is probably genetically very blessed, she does rely on a few anti-aging tricks to maintain her youthful appearance.
Now, what’s her secret?
In her videos she swears by products containing Retin-A and Retinol (a vitamin A derivative often found in acne treatments and anti-aging serums). She’s been using them since she was 27 years old and can’t live without those products.
She also claims that she NEVER uses any moisturizers, because they make her skin “lazy“, which means it stops producing collagen and elastin. She also keeps her skin young by constantly forcing it to repair itself by using acid peelings (please talk to your dermatologist before you follow this advice). She also uses sunscreen every day!


Melissa has been on a skin-care journey since she was 14 and has continuously visited doctors and done a lot of research on this topic.


“I feel like if we stick together in this ageing journey, we can lift each other up and grow older gracefully and beautifully,” she writes in her YouTube bio.


Aside from giving skincare advice, she also does product reviews and talks about her workout, diet, wardrobe, and everyday life. Check out her channel, it’s definitely worth it!


Credit: youtube/melissa55

Credit: instagram/ msmeliss5



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