Berry Shake Jar




20g WOMEN’S BEST SLIM BODY SHAKE" Powder - Strawberry
50g Nut Granola
1 Banana
1 Tbso Greek Yoghurt
250g Strawberries
Bourbon Vanilla
50g Rhubarb
1 Tbsp Xucker
Dash of Carob Gum



1.    Cook 50g Berries with 50g Rhubarb, Xucker and Vanilla for a Minute.

2.    Mix Banana with 100g Berries and Slim Body Shake.

3.    Fill Granola in a Glass and layer with Banana Berry Smoothie.

4.    Now add Compote.

5.    Finally, top with more fresh Berries-done!


Enjoy your shake!


Nutritional Information for the whole Jar: 462 Calories, 63g Carbs, 24g Protein, 11g Fat



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