Coco Banana Shake




2 scoops (30g) WOMEN’S BEST "SLIM BODY SHAKE" Powder - Cookies & Cream
15g Coconut Flour
200ml Coconut Rice Drink
150g frozen Banana
100g crushed Ice Cubes
1 teaspoon unsweetened Cacao Powder
optional: One Cookie plus Coconut Cream to top



1.    For the first Layer, mix frozen Banana with 100ml Coconut Rice Drink and Cacao. Store in the Fridge while preparing the second Layer.
2.    Combine another 100ml Coconut Rice Drink with Women´s Best Slim Shake, crushed Ice and Coconut Flour to thicken.
3.    Fill both Layers in a huge Jar, top with whipped Coconut Cream and Cookies if desired.
4.    Serve immediately and enjoy!


Nutritional Information for Shake: 360 Calories, 20g Protein, 49g Carbs, 7g Fat


Enjoy your shake!



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