Chocolate Chip Oats



Serves Two


2 scoops (30g) WOMEN’S BEST "SLIM BODY SHAKE" Powder - Cookies & Cream
80g Oats
1 Tbsp Raw Cacao Nibs
Bourbon Vanilla
200ml unsweetened Almond Milk
200ml Water
fresh Strawberries and Pomegranate to top



1.    Combine Oats, Slimshake and Spices and put them together with warm Water in a Pot. 

2.    Let it cook on a medium-high Heat until it bubbles. But down´t forget to stir as it gets burned easily.

3.    When the Oats got a bit thicker, add Milk.

4.    Wait until the Oats start to bubble again. Then turn down the Heat to a lower Level.

5.    Stir from Time to Time until you´ve got the desired Consistence.

6.    Meanwhile, slice your Fruit.

6.    Finally, fill your Oatmeal in two Glasses,top and store overnight in the Fridge.


Enjoy your meal warm!



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