Goodbye Kale, Hello BACON!!


Maybe it’s the world’s most perfect food: It looks like bacon, it tastes like bacon, but it’s SEAWEED.


A Team at Oregon State University has developed a new type of seaweed that tastes just like bacon when you cook it up. This is NO joke! Seaweed that tastes like bacon. Scientists have been working for years to develop this tasty treat. And the best thing about it: This food is full of nutrients! It is actually a new strain of red marine algae, that looks like red lettuce and is called “dulse“. This variation of seaweed normally grows along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines and is harvested, dried and sold as a cooking ingredient or nutritional supplement.


If you use it in fresh form, dulse tastes like normal seaweed, but when it is cooked and fried it tastes like bacon. PROMISE! And by the way, it’s a pretty strong bacon flavor. Therefore you can snack on it perfectly on its own, but you can also mix it into salads or smoothies.


Why it is good for you?

Not only is it protein packed, it also contains twice the nutritional value of Kale. Dulse is loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants as well. The best thing about it: Now vegetarians and vegans can finally taste the great flavor of bacon.


So, where is the catch?

To be honest, dulse is not that cheap. It does run about $90 a pound. BUT it is almost ready to be commercially produced. Soon you may see it on your supermarket shelf!



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