How to do a messy bun – the Women’s Best Messy Bun Tutorial

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You’re running late for an appointment, time is barely enough to brush your teeth and have a quick coffee, and there is no time to do anything with your hair! Sounds familiar? Then we have the perfect hairstyle for you: the messy bun.

What is a messy bun?

We all know the sleek, tucked, perfect ballerina bun. How is the messy bun hairstyle different from the ballerina bun? It’s basically the same thing, just – well – a lot messier! Follow our easy messy bun tutorial and learn how to do a messy bun!

Follow our easy messy bun tutorial

The secret of a perfect messy bun? Forget the brush! The more unstructured the look, the better the messy bun is going to be.

 How to do a perfect messy bun

All you need is an elastic, and a few bobby pins. Start with hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two. This is where your busy schedule comes in handy. If your hair is naturally very straight, add some dry shampoo or salt spray for grip and texture. If you have very thin hair, check out our chewable hair vitamins. They support hair and nail growth, strengthen the hair from the inside and therefore will make your messy bun look even better.

Step 1: Prep your hair for a perfect messy bun

If you have very thin hair: Tease! Teasing gives you the volume and messy texture you need to pull off the messy bun hairstyle and keeps your bun from looking too perfect.

Step 2: Put your hair in a high ponytail

Gather your hair into a loose, high ponytail. Don’t use a comb or worry about your strands being perfectly slicked back. The messy bun is all about looking like you don’t really care while still looking put together.

Step 3: Build your messy bun

Pull your hair halfway through the elastic and tighten into a small bun (Leave it in a loop instead of pulling all the hair through). You should have some extra hair still sticking out of the bun, as you see in Step 4.

Step 4: Perfect your messy bun

Twirl extra hair forward. Pull them around the elastic in order to hide it. Tuck the ends of the hair into the elastic. Use bobby pins to secure, if necessary.

Step 5: Make the bun even messier

Pull bits of hair out around the front and sides of your bun to make it appear messier and then fix it with hairspray. Et voilá, now you have the perfect, out-of-bed messy bun! Now that you know how to do a messy bun, this will for sure become your go-to hair style for busy days or also for going to the gym! We’ve heard a messy bun goes perfectly with our Women’s Best Sportswear 😊

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