Make your nose look smaller with CONTOURING!


Makeup can do miracles, that’s just a fact. By contouring your nose, you can make a wide nose appear narrower, a long nose appear shorter, or a short nose appear taller — it all depends on the technique. We will show you how to do it properly!


What you need:

A light concealer (should be 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone) a highlighter.
A dark concealer (color should be 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone), you can also use a brown blush or eyeshadow, a matte bronzer or a sculpting powder. Cream products can also be used to contour, but powder is easier to work with, especially for beginners.


Remember light colors will highlight features, emphasize and make them more prominent, while dark colors will shade, create shadow, minimize, reduce features and create the illusion of depth.


How to do it:

1.   Start with your normal make up routine.


2.   After you’ve applied your foundation, your’ re going to highlight the center of your nose with a light concealer. Start between your eyebrows and apply a line down your nose, stopping before you reach the end.


3.   Next, add a little dot at the very tip to give your nose a little upturn. Blend! Use a sponge or your ring finger to soften the stripe.


4.   Now, use the darker concealer and draw two lines down the sides of your nose. Use an eyeshadow brush to draw the contour lines. They should begin at the brow bone and go all the way to the end of your nose. Make sure to keep the lines light at first - it's easier to add more darkness step by step than having to remove it. Tip: You can also use a pencil or a Q-tip as a small ruler. Add subtle shade to the tip of your nose. This will prevent your nose from looking too long (if you have a short button nose, your should skip this step).


5.   Now buff the lines out with your fingers or a make-up blender (they should not look too harsh).


6.   As a finish, apply some highlighting powder, if you wish.


Source: Instagram



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