Broken Glass Nails - The Latest Manicure Trend!


You will get OBSESSED with this new and super-easy nail art.


Probably this is the next big thing for summer: Broken glass nails! A funky new manicure technique developed by Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul.


The colorful nail accent was inspired by the inside of the abalone shell, which is lined with a stunning rainbow pearl finish.  The good news: You don't have to head to a professional to get this look.


All you need is cellophane, that you can find at your local crafts store - randomly cut little triangles so it resembles shards of glass. If you don't have cellophane, no problem! You can easily get the same look using gold transfer foil or even a thin sheet of aluminum foil.


How to do it:

1.   Simply apply a base coat or the nail polish color of your choice.


2.   Put on the small “glass” stickers and let it dry.


3.   Add a top coat to set it in place (try adding a few extra layers of the top coat to make it look more 3D). Finished!


credit: instagram/@showoffyournails


credit: instagram/@nail_unistella


credit: instagram/@glamour.studiourody


credit: instagram/@nail_unistella



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