Wanna look good without Make up? Try Tantouring!


The amazing trick behind “I woke up like this“ selfies…


The new level of contouring doesn’t involve any foundation, concealer or bronzer! This trick sculpts your face using self tan alone. Simply put: Tantouring (or Tontouring) is contouring with self tan instead of make up.


So, if you are short on time or love to go make up free, this will be perfect for you. Unlike make up, tantouring can last up to a week and would be ideal for those of you that are going on holidays or tend to wear light make-up.


How it works:

1.   Before you start make sure your skin is completely make up free, cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized (use a light moisturizer or it will act as a block between your skin and the tan).

2.   Simply apply gradual tan light/medium as a base color to the face and leave to dry.

3.   Now take a foundation brush and apply a darker self tan onto your face like you would a contour powder. Less is more!

4.   Start with the forehead. Blend the tan upwards into your hairline and upper forehead.

5.   Also apply this darker tan to contour your cheek bones. Pout so that you can see where your hollows are underneath the cheekbone and blend it in across. If you also want to contour your nose, you will need a smaller brush.


This also works for your body:

If you „contour“ your body with fake tan you can create the illusion of muscle definition and structure.



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