How to Get FULLER Lips with Make Up!


You want lips like Kylie Jenner, but needles aren’t really your bag? Check out these amazing make-up tricks to make your lips look naturally plumper.


#1 Boost Circulation

First, you have to boost circulation to improve your lips plumpness. Take a clean toothbrush and massage your lips for a while. Then moisturize with a lip balm (The more hydrated your lips, the fuller they look).


#2 Apply Foundation

ALWAYS dab some foundation/concealer onto your lips before you apply lipstick! Not only will it keep the color on for a longer period of time, but it'll also give you the illusion of having fuller lips.


#3 Lip-Liner

Choose a lip liner that is 1 to 2 shades darker than your natural lip color. Line your lips starting slightly above the Cupid’s bow and the same for the center of bottom lip. Continue to over draw slightly on the sides, then make sure you get back to your natural lip line before lining the corners of your mouth — this will prevent you from looking clownish.


#4 Create Dimension

Fill in the lip line you just created with the lip liner. Soften the center by running your finger gently across your lips a few times. Apply a darker powder right below your bottom lip line. Adding a shadow beneath your bottom lip gives an extra plump appearance.


#5 Fill in lips with a matte lipstick

Glossy lipstick can highlight the over-lined lip line, which you don’t want. To make any lipstick matte, dab translucent or skin-colored powder on top of the lipstick or apply lipstick and then dab powder on your lips. This also helps to set the lipstick and prevent it from smudging.


#6 Highlight

Apply a little highlighter to the top of your cupid’s bow and blend it with your fingertips. Also add a shimmery powder (or a gold-toned eyeshadow) to the center of your lips to create dimension.


#7 Finish

Clean up any harsh lines with a concealer brush. Apply concealer around the border of your lips to prevent your bold lipstick from running or bleeding around your mouth.


#8 Dab lipgloss in the centre

If you don’t want a matte look, apply a gloss on in the center of your lips. If you add a glossy finish, your pout will look perfectly 3D in dimension.


#9 Permanent makeup

If you're tired of lining your lips all the time, maybe permanent makeup is the right choice for you. It involves essentially tattooing the area around your lips to make them appear fuller or more colorful.



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