Glitter Roots!


After Rainbow Roots there’s another way to add a little glamour to your strands: GLITTER ROOTS.


So, there's no need to hide your 5-weeks roots under a beanie. Instagram bloggers are showing off their roots with the help of glitter pasted to their hair. Well, this hair style is not for everyday, but if you can’t get a salon appointment (or have no time), the glitter roots are pretty cool for parties, festivals or photoshoots.


Are you brave enough to give it a try? Perfect! The look is super easy to replicate.



This is how to do it:

Part your hair wherever you like, dab on some gel and then sprinkle on any kind of glitter all around the root area.  It will look awesome and lasts all day.
And if you want to get the glitter out of your hair, blot your roots with a paper towel doused in hairspray. This will remove it.





–   It looks amazing (especially when paired with a funky color or cute hairstyles like twin buns or pigtails).
–   You have an excuse for skipping the salon.



–   Some people might think you have dandruff. :)
–   Glitter cleanup can be a real struggle. Probably you will find glitter on your pillowcase for days, because shampooing won't get it all out.


Source: instagram thefoxanthehair/tiahnacattanach__/shelleygregoryhair



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