Whiten Your Teeth With a Banana!

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NEVER EVER throw away the peel! Maybe it is the cheapest teeth-whitener on the planet…


Bananas are delicious and full of nutrients but did you know that they are a great source of teeth whitening as well?


According to YouTube tutorials and claims on the internet the banana-peel method is the easiest and healthiest way to get a beautiful Hollywood smile. If you simply rub your teeth with the inside of a banana peel, it can remove stains on your teeth and make them whiter. The reason behind it: The vitamins in the peel that keep the banana from going bad are the same ones that will whiten your teeth. The high amounts of potassium, magnesium, and manganese in the ripe banana remove stains and whiten them.


This method is 100% safe and healthy for your teeth as banana peels are a wonderful source of minerals and vitamins. They do not have the abrasiveness that other natural whiteners have and best of all they are inexpensive! So just give it a try…



1.     Brush your teeth as usual or use the banana peel first and then brush.


2.     Use a ripe banana as it has the most potassium content in it.


3.     Peel it and rub the white inner side of the peel on your teeth.


4.     Be sure you are covering each of the teeth as much as possible. As you rub, the minerals will be absorbed into the teeth and begin to promote the whitening.


5.     Let it set for about 5 minutes and be careful not to let it get wet (you can also use a bleaching tray). Lips away from teeth!


6.     Rinse and brush with your usual toothpaste.


7.     Do this procedure twice a day and you will see the first big results after one week.


8.     Smile as bright as you can!



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