Chocolate, donuts, pizza – sometimes we have that urgent need for a specific food, although we aren’t really hungry. If you’ve found out that munching unhealthy snacks just makes you crave for, you’re not alone. Food addiction can be hard and sometimes it seems impossible to be able to stop it. But don’t worry, we show you the best way how to eliminate cravings for good.


Do you still crave for cookie ice cream, burger and chips?

Let’s continue with our best tips to stop the greed!


9. Sleep well

Getting proper, refreshing sleep is important for overall health and can help to prevent cravings.


10. Avoid excessive stress

Just like sleep, avoiding stress can help prevent cravings.


11. Grab some gum or brush your theeth

Apart from chewing gum, brushing your theeth can also be a good solution to stop cravings. It tricks the brain into thinking something sweet has been ingested.


12. Reach for fruit, nuts or seeds

Keep fruit within reach for when sugar cravings hit. You'll get fiber and nutrients along with some sweetness. Furthermore stock up on foods like nuts or seeds.


13. Go out and find some distance

When sugar cravings hit, take a walk around the block or do something to change the scenery, to take your mind off the food you’re craving.


14. Eat regularly

Try to prevent yourself from becoming too hungry between meals. Eating every three to five hours can help to stabilize blood sugar and help to avoid bad eating behavior. Waiting too long between meals may set you up to choose sugary, fatty foods.


15. Make your home craving-free

If the source of a craving is removed, you're less likely to be aroused by it. This is especially true for those who spend a large part of the day at home, especially in the kitchen.


16. Choose mainly vegetables for your meals

Veggies are high in fiber and leave you filled up. Even if your appetite is over-stimulated at a meal, it'll be hard to overeat if you're full of nutritious vegetables.

Please note that these tips are just useful, but not essential. The most important thing when talking about cravings should be to restore your body's natural rhythm. Then you'll only eat when you're truly hungry and stop before saturation occurs, because actually this belongs to the human nature.