The workout for looking good from behind!


Oh well, we all know this is one of the most problematic areas for women and it can’t be changed overnight. If you're trying to get rid of the extra pounds around your butt and upper quads, you're not alone. Therefore, we show you the best exercises to fight your saddlebags!


For those of you who are not familiar with this term: saddlebags are deposits of fat located on the sides and backs of the thighs, directly below the buttocks. A quite tricky area! The solution: You have to gain muscles! Only if you strengthen the muscles that lie under the body fat in this region, you can improve the appearance.



1. Cardio

In order to reduce your total body fat, cardio is very important. Especially exercises that involve the entire body like kickboxing, aerobics, running, swimming, and cycling. Try to vary and aim for 40 minutes at least three times a week.


2. Diet

Also eat a healthy diet to get the best results!


3. Exercise

Do these exercises three times a week. Do one set of 10 to 13 repetitions of each of the following exercises. Make sure you're using a heavy enough weight to fatigue the muscles (When you can easily complete 13 reps, increase the weight slightly).


Barbell Squats:

Starting position: Set the bar on a rack to just below your shoulder level. Once you’ve chosen the correct height, step under the bar and correctly place the barbell on your back. Step away from the rack and place your feet in a medium shoulder width stance with your toes slightly pointing outwards. Look straight ahead and also maintain a straight back.
–    Never let your knees protrude over your toes and keep your heels on the floor.
–    Begin by slowly bending your knees and hip. Continue going down until the angle between the upper leg and the calves becomes less than 90 degrees.
–    Repeat this process as often as it is mentioned on your workout routine!

Barbell Step Ups:

Starting position: Place a barbell on the back of your shoulders. Stand upright and behind a flat bench or any other obstacle which isn’t too high to step upon.
–    Place your left foot on the flat bench and let your right foot slowly coming along to place it next to your left foot.
–    Step down with the right foot and place your left foot again next to the right foot. (starting position)
–    Repeat this process as often as it is mentioned on your workout routine!

Dumbbell Lunges:

Starting position: Stand up with your torso upright and take a dumbbell on each hand.
–    Step forward with one leg until your shin and your thigh contain a 90 degree angle (inhale during this motion).
–    Make sure that your knee does not move beyond your toes!
–    Use your heels to push yourself up to the starting position (Exhale during this motion).
–    Repeat this process as often as it is mentioned on your workout routine.

Leg Curl:

Starting position: Adapt the machine to your height and sit or lie down, depending on the machine you are using.
–    With your ankles, pull the pad of the machine all the way to your buttocks. Exhale during this motion.
–    Now begin to bring back the pad to the starting position and inhale.
–    Repeat this process as often as it is mentioned on your workout routine!

Barbell Deadlift:

Starting position: Bend your knees and your waist to grab the barbell but keep your heels always on the floor. Use a shoulder width overhanded grip and make sure that your back is as straight as possible during the whole process.
–    Now lift up the weights by extending your legs while you are bringing your torso in an upright position.
–    Fully extend your legs and contract your lower back until you are in an upright position.
–    Bending your knees while leaning your torso forward will bring you back to the starting position.
–    Repeat this process as often as it is mentioned on your workout routine!