We already fell in love with it!


Yes, coffee can help you to get rid of cellulite, not if you drink it, but if you use it as a skin treatment. When applied topically, caffeine tightens and provides antioxidants to the skin, giving it a smooth appearance. Forget about all the expensive cosmetic products, try our homemade anti-cellulite coffee treatment and scrub those dimples away!


Do-it-yourself coffee scrub:

–   1/2 cup of coffee grounds
–   3 tablespoons of sea salt
–   3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil


What to do:

1. Mix the ingredients to create a paste-like consistency.


2. Just take this into the bath/shower with you, massage it onto your problem areas for several minutes using firm pressure and wash as usual.


3. Do this 3 times a week and enjoy the baby soft skin you're left with. First results should be visible within a couple of weeks.